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Final Proof: Global Warming is Politics, Not Science

Leaders in the promotion of the idea that global warming is caused by man’s actions are taking a firm stance: use politics instead of science.  The Washington Time obtained damnifying emails from the leaders of the global warming science community that states:

..strategy includes forming a nonprofit group to organize researchers and use their donations to challenge critics by running a back-page ad in the New York Times.

I’m no expert on global warming science, but this doesn’t appear like anything I had ever learned about the scientific method.  Certainly, theories, experiments to prove or disprove, but seriously, I don’t remember back-page advertisements in a liberal newspaper being part of the scientific method.

The IPCC, and other leading global warming alarmist groups are resorting to political tactics because the science isn’t backing up their position.  This is definitely not the economy in which anyone would want to become unemployed and it seems this group is grasping at every lifeline to prevent being in the 16.8% “underemployed” number even Obama won’t talk about.

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Comments (4)

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  1. Kent J says:

    Your title is a bit misleading.
    Its only anecdotal evidence regarding SCIENCE changing its mind about global warming.

    Pretty worthless little article.

    Do you really have a problem with people who believe something using a newspaper to promote their beliefs?

    I am 100% opposed to AGW tripe… but prefer to use only SCIENCE and LOGIC to oppose it.

    Conservatives fall too often for cheap punches.

  2. Evan Myers says:

    I just heard today that the AGW freaks are going to lean on Hollywood to craft their message. Surely everything that comes out of Hollywood merits “scientific fact”.

    Didn’t they already try that with Gore’s attempt to put global warming down as fact in a documentary..

    When science is more steeped in emotion and politics than fact.. we end up with flat worlds, the Earth at the center of the universe and .. global warming.

  3. OverReader says:

    Larry, seriously, no. Science must be apolitical to be seriously considered. Politics are not based in fact, only in perception while science must avoid the perception of being based in anything other than fact.

    The article makes an interesting point, although I don’t agree with the end result, understanding that scientists need to be focuses on factual, provable science isn’t a bad premise.

  4. Larry-bob says:

    False dichotomy. Something can be both scientific and political.