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Are Wealthy Americans Leaving the Country?

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  1. The notion that the wealthy only pay 13%, or some other low tax rate, is not accurate. Anyone, not just the wealthy, can generate income at reduced rates. For example, qualified Dividends generate reduced tax income.

    Taking Qualified Dividends as an example, the wealthy pay 15% while middle and lower income citizens pay 0% (nothing) on that income.

    There are investments that requite large amounts to participate. But lowr income citizens enjoy greater tax relief than others, even when making the same income streams.

    The fact is, most people are not willing to take the risk. The tax relief is an incentive to invest moeny with American Companies. These types of investments should not be viewed as something for wealthy alone.

    I do not consider anyone a throwaway. A life is a life. Howver, I do not want to carry others for bad choices in life, just because they exist. I am very charitable, with the miney I want to give towards charity. In addition, I help a lot of people. I’ve provided housing for people in hard times… Clothes and food too. It should be my choice to donate to people as I see fit.