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Are Wealthy Americans Leaving the Country?

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  1. leading by example…

    still waiting on the zombie apokolypse

  2. The percentage of rich Americans leaving is probably small but so is the total of rich Americans as a percentage of the population. A lot of middle class professional types leave for more money and better working conditions. Given the choice of working for an American company or a foreign one in my industry the offshore job would win 100% of the time. America has changed in the last 35 years. Nobody should be surprised that some people are not in agreement with the direction of that change. So our choices are to stay and make ourselves and a lot of other people miserable because we don’t feel any sense of belonging in what was our country or we pack up and go somewhere that we can be accepted and treated with courtesy and respect. Courtesy and respect for a middle class white boy in America is a thing of the past. Accept and move on. Or just move! It’s a lot easier being a minority in someone else’s country, I assure you.

  3. Americans are leaving of all income brackets, all ages,
    People cannot afford the high health care premiums,
    which two hospital rep’s before congress admitted
    fraud,folding in illegals health care to working americans
    bills and congress just sat there.

    • the illegal immigrants only make up 7 million of the 46.3 of uninsured in this country. Beyond that, it is not legal for them to get anything but emergency medicare in any state.
      A few may get fake ID’s, but they get caught. Most immigrants you see receiving benefits are here legally. I’m not sure what a person with a green card does get. And many hispanics are home grown, maybe here for generations.
      so stop spreadiing the myth and go check the facts.

      • True-most gov’t benefts are paid to citizens, including home owners who get property tax deductions and mortgage interst deductions even on second and third homes. these are entitlements to encourage home ownership. at one time Republicans wanted to end these. another myth is that only Hispanics get welfare. Many Asians who come get welfare and total college tuition paid.I knew a man from Vietnam who bragged that he never worked a day in his life and all his 5 girls had college paid to top schools. Some states are very generous and are reimbursed or matched by federal gov’t. some social service offices are set up to handle Asians only and provide customized services. saw similar with Russians and Ukrainians- groups(just off the boat) that are not used to working like Americans due to their country’s welfare mentality and dislike towards the American work ethic(ditto for Russians/Ukranians who have come here, asssimilated, work hard), they went back because myth of easy money no true.recently, stats reveal 14 million suburban homeowners on medicaid, nursing homes take up most of the medicaid dollar and Jewish residents make up the majority of the nursing home population, family disperses resident’s money 3 years before(family ships resident back and forth for 3 years-another tactic) and so often a considerable amount of money not counted for eligibility determination. a lot of white people, white communities and others use the welfare dollar-most people on welfare are white, and there are a lot more white people in this country as an identifiable group.Orthodox Jews are heavy users of the welfare system and that causes distaste for other Jews who live in proximity due to increased tax burdens,polygamous groups ditto and Mormons at one time The myth of Hispanics using all the money does not add up.

  4. Your observations are a joke. The wealthy in the US enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in the civilized world, and are taxed far, far less than they were in the earlier 20th century. Bought out politicians have fought hard to protect these individuals. As a result, we have the widest disparity of income in the world. It is very simple….the top 1% of Americans live like Jed Clampett AT THE EXPENSE OF EVERYONE ELSE. They have pushed for the sale millions of jobs overseas to make higher profits and to bust unions, while 3rd world workers now produce the goods at horrendous wages.
    The gig is up. Either pay your fair share, OR LEAVE. There is zero doubt that your “rich and famous” lifestyle is more important to you than your country or your fellow Americans. No problem. Just get out. Now.

    • You states Income taxes. What about the other 50 taxes and fees people pay ? Exactly what do Rich take from poor ? Idiot loser.

    • You know, I met a number of socialist here in San Francisco and the real funny thing about them is this: They hate and despise, read “resent” the wealthy because they have got the money and the power; and don’t you know these same socialist look down on and feel racism and contempt for minorities? Aren’t they a wonderful bunch.

    • Bob I am really shocked you would make such ambiguous comments. How do rich people push jobs overseas? Get it right, consumers push jobs overseas. Wealthy people are able to position themselves to still profit from the buying trend. How much stuff do you own that is made over here?

      For example, lets say I sell toys for children at bulk wholesale levels. If I buy from American companies, you know, “Made in America,” the cost is higher because the standard of living is higher. Then my resellers start losing business to competitors that import through online resources like alibaba.com. They can seriously under-price me and my retailers, because they’re selling foreign made products. But the people, poor people especially, continue to shop at the other places.

      Who is forcing business overseas? The power is the consumer my friend, plain and simple. The person spending a dollar makes the choice each and every time he or she buys something.

  5. You are wrong. You do not have to give up your citizenship to avoid us taxes. Just move overseas and don’t live in the US. I worked on an oil crew for years. Most of them worked on platforms 6 to 8 weeks and 3 to 4 off. They lived in Belize when they rotated off. There was a large American community there. And, if you did not live in the US, you paid 5% Belizian taxes.

  6. Though many leave because of taxes still more are leaving because of politics and the police state that USA has turned into.
    to the tune of 300,000+ a year now are leaving for good the outcome of all this can’t be good for USA.
    When the brightest and richest start leaving in these high numbers what will be left in 5 years time?

  7. I read the book called Leaving America, and the number of people leaving was around 3 million a year for jobs, education, for a new experience and to retire. The number was much lower than this twenty years ago… I also think that a different type of consciousness exists about traveling then thirty years ago. i worked with all high level professionals in their thirties… traveling and living abroad was what many peoples goals were. I noticed there was a time when people would not consider moving away from where they were born.
    Many people seemed to resent the hectic pace of life here. I discuss taxes with people and I’ve reached the conclusion quickly that most people have no idea what the top 1% or top 10% pay and how if effects them and their community …and these are the same individuals that are voting away their own rights ..

  8. I think the super rich leaving the US is a very small minority. The majority of people giving up their citizenship are people already living abroad, i.e. nonresident in the US. These people have lived abroad for years. It is unfair to be required to file US income taxes every year when you do not reside in the US or earn any income in the US. More recently the U.S. has required all citizens to report any accounts which total US 10K or more to the US treasury every year. I think this was the last straw for many people who already live and work outside the US and have done so for years. It has forced many people who were on the fence and eligible for citizenship in their current country of residence to finally make a decision.
    I am a US citizen living in Europe; own nothing but an IRA in the US. Have not set foot in the US since 2008, I am basically a working stiff in my European country of residence, yet I must still report every cent I earn to the US government. Plus register any accounts totaling over 10K with the US treasury. It’s not fair. No other developed county requires this. I am pretty sure US corporations are not taxed on their foreign earned income unless it’s recognized on their US books. It will cost me 1500 Euro or more to get my taxes done because it’s so complicated it requires an expert familiar with the foreign and US tax systems. You can exclude income up to 90k and some housing costs, but beyond that you are taxed. Costs of living in places like Switzerland are high, so salaries are high, and depending on the exchange rate it gets worse when converted to USD. This does not take long before you are hit hard. The US should encourage its citizens to work abroad and bring what they learn back home but this does the opposite. It’s not a right wing or left thing it’s just bad for our country and its citizens. I support the idea of going after havens and cheats, but the current system is not the way to do it.