Obama Disingenuous on Health Care Reform Bi-partisanship

By | February 27, 2010

Obama has repeated (ad ad nauseum) that he would be willing to meet Republicans in the middle on health care.  The GOP says to do that would mean starting over, which is something that the President will not do.

So who is being more partisan?  The GOP is saying that it cannot support the huge spending and government take-over that the current mammoth health care bill represents.  Liberals say that the current bill, is the starting point and they are not willing to do anything that does not start with that bill.  This doesn’t sound like either side is compromising.. at all.

While Democrats have effectively labelled Republicans the “party of no”, the Republicans have concerns over the liberals being the “party of no-way” when it comes to working through important items on health care.

Democrats want to keep the massive tax gift to the labor unions, the extension of Medicare that will put the expense of their plan on the states, and put price controls on health care (anyone remember how well price controls on oil and gas went when the last all-knowing liberal enacted it in the 70’s?) .  Republicans want to focus on preventing the loss of health care due to illness, enact tort reform, and allow for the free purchase of insurance across state lines.

Liberals have not argued against any of the three proposals from the GOP, so why can’t they all just agree to enact those and build on that success?  Because then Obama doesn’t score the points he needs.  Republicans would look like willing partners, not the party of no.  It is far more important for Obama to embarrass Republicans and give gifts to unions than do anything substantive on health care.

This administration is not being honest with the American people.  The reason they can’t pass their idea of health care reform, is because they aren’t willing to work with anyone else on it.

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