Ralph Nader Wants to Eliminate Free Speech

By | January 22, 2010

Ralph Nader is using his Public Citizen corporation to push for an amendment to one of the amendments in the Constitution that is in the Bill of Rights. Nader is after the first amendment, the right to free speech. He is so disappointed that the supreme court upheld the actual amendment that prevents Congress from making any law that restricts speech that he is now seeking to change the Constitution.  From washintonexaminer.com:

“Public Citizen will aggressively work in support of a constitutional amendment specifying that for-profit corporations are not entitled to First Amendment protections, except for freedom of the press.”

If that’s not caveated to hell without him even saying so..  Corporations like Public Citizen (a not-for-profit) would not be held to that rule nor would the media.

What that means is the media corporations, and groups like ACORN could send as much money as they like to political candidates, but Jim’s Toy inc.  would be limited.  Ralph is off his rocker and if the Democrats try to push this load of horse-hockey through, that will be icing on the cake.  Vote for the amendment, you’d better have a career-change plan in-place.

It will start with limiting the speech of corporations, because they have too much money and therefor power.  Then, it will be people making over … say $150,000 a year for the same reason.  Then, because the opposition party has too much power, we should limit their contributions and speech.  Lastly, anyone we don’t like shouldn’t be able to contribute nor should they have a right to free speech.  This is a ridiculously slippery slope.  Leave the constitution alone, especially free speech.

The left was warned on the whole health care thing and they ignored that flare.  Touch the Constitution for such a self-serving, power-grabbing purpose and you’re all toast.  Every, single one of you.

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