What is “The President’s Health Care Bill”?

By | October 8, 2009

In every news cast, presidential speech and health care commercial we hear that the President’s bill will.., or the President’s bill won’t… What is the the President’s bill?

By Constitutional procedure, a bill may be presented either directly by a member of Congress, by a member of the public or the President through a member of Congress. None of the bills being seriously considered originated in the White House. In fact, none of the bills are from the President at all. As many of the things going on in our government, none are actually original thoughts of Barack Obama.

Don’t we all want to know what would be in a Presidential plan? He certainly spent months and months, as well as hours of television time telling us about his plan. Instead we are left looking at Senator Max Baucus’ plan (Finance Committee), or Representative Dingell’s bill (H.R.3200). Congress is choosing to ignore the Republican’s bill (H.R.3400). We still have no idea what the President actually thinks is important in health care. Is this another vote of “Present” for the former rookie Senator? Is he failing to act as he has during the first year of his Presidency? Or is he just too protective of his image to tarnish it with the possibility of failure.

Of Course, with the bailouts of too-big-to-fail institutions, preventing the failure of the auto unions, propping up the mortgages of those that made poor decisions… it’s obvious that he believes no one should ever fail. This type of socialistic thinking has a flip-side, if no one can fail, nor can anyone actually succeed. Everyone is equal – except the political elite and their cronies.

We should ask the almighty to submit his “plan” for Congressional review, debate and vote. If he won’t then whatever passes is Congress’ (Reid and Pelosi’s) bill, not his.

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