U.N. Believes U.S. Worse Place to Live Now

By | October 5, 2009

Under Bush, the United States was ranked as the 12th best place to live in the world.  Barack has taken the reigns with a promise of increasing our status in the world.  Well, similar to Saturday Night Live, the U.N. may believe he has done nothing to manage that.

This year, the U.N. says that the U.S. is 13th in the world behind Norway, Australia, Iceland, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Switzerland and Japan.

The rankings are published annually by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and ranks 182 countries on factors such as education, GDP, and life expectancy.  The United States seems to have been bumped down a rank by … France which made a return to top of the list at number 8.

The report does not take into effect the global recession and is supposedly based on data from as far back as 2007.  Why publish a report annually based on 2 year+ old data?  Who knows, but they are the U.N.

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