The Public Option is Alive

By | October 5, 2009

There are at least two major pushes left if the public option is to be defeated.  Currently, the administration is using backroom maneuvers to push for Congressional support from the middle.  Why backroom?  The Congressional leadership knows that if it creates the kind of outcry that occurred in October (town halls, massive marches on Washington, etc), they are guaranteed to lose their majority, by an incredible margin.

The democrats know they have political challenges and the closer the 2010 elections get, the more the worry.  Governors in several states are about to lose their seats to Republican opponents due to dissatisfaction, but that’s not the whole story.

While committee votes on liberal bills are being delayed, recent polling data shows that support for government-run health care is rising.  Conservatives should realize that this is part of a calculated strategy.  This must be viewed as a positive for the Congressional majority or they will lose a large number of seats.  With the town halls a distant memory… the delay is working.

Conservatives need to get into the media now.  We need to wake-up and realize that the conniving strategy of the left is waiting for the quiet to push the reform through.  How long has it been since you’ve been part of or seen a protest on television?  How long since we’ve heard about tea parties?  How long since public dissent has been discussed at all in the media?

The right is dropping back to last-gen strategies of calling Congressmen and writing letters.  While I do that on a regular basis… I always have.  We always have.  That’s a small portion of what must occur.  The outrage must be loud, public, and impossible to ignore.  The threat to the livelihood of the liberal Congress must be as real as the threat to our own way of life.

If you hear about a Tea Party, be there.  If there is a call-in campaign, be in it (by the way there is one tomorrow sponsored by Patient’s First ).  Write your Democrat Representatives and Senators again. It’s not over, they still want Europea-style, economy-breaking, socialistic health care.  5% vat taxes in H.R.3200, 40% excise taxes and huge fees in the Finance Committee bill.  Read-up, buck-up and most of all… do not let up.

Here’s a decent set of sites if you’re trying to figure out how to get involved:

Please add other great conservative events in the comments section so I can update the post with them.  Get active or get ignored.

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