Is the Opt-Out Really an Option?

By | October 23, 2009

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has realized that a robust public option isn’t going to pass, mainly because he can’t even get liberals to agree that it’s a good thing.  So now he’s working to find out if a public plan that allows States to opt-out is passable.  The answer – no!

Moderate Democrats feel that it is not up to the federal government to sell health care insurance.  It may actually be a conflict of interest… but why would that stop a politician?

Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) said that he would like to see plans that allow the states to determine their make-up, “not the federal government.”  This new opt-out option actually contains blackmail.  States that choose to opt-out will get lower Medicaid reimbursement from the government.  During tough economic times, state Congresses may actually be swayed by this maneuver.

Even the heavily-liberal Senate could not pass a plan through its finance committee that had a public option.  The only reason that liberals are figuring that they have a chance is that they see the weakness in the middle-seeking G.O.P.  More tugging from the majority rights is necessary.  More pulling from Conservatives.  More influence from us.

The only Constitutional health care reform must come from the states.  Health care is not an enumerated power of Congress.  They cannot enact anything that won’t get turned over by the Supreme court which is at least barely Conservative at this point.

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