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Hoffman Takes Lead in NY District 23 Race

Today’s Washington Post published an article that sites a new survey showing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman as the leader in the N.Y. House race.

“The poll shows Hoffman taking 31 percent to 27 percent for businessman Bill Owens (D) and just 19 percent for state Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava (R).  Jon Lerner, who conducted the poll for the Club, said that the rise in Hoffman’s numbers is due to the fact that the district, which takes in much of northernmost reaches of New York, ‘want to elect an anti-Washington conservative’.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign committee has taken notice of the lead switch and has decided that Dede Scozzafava (the overtly-liberal GOP candidate) is not even worth bashing anymore.

“..after spending several hundred thousand dollars bashing Scozzafava, switched its ad traffic over the weekend to a new commercial hitting Hoffman.”

The DCCC is now creating ads that bash Hoffman for .. get this.. being successful.  Pointing out his financial assets is a tactic that will backfire.  We currently have a President that shows how inneffective someone can be when they’ve never succesfully run so-much as a lemonade stand.  Hoffman is a successful  businessman and for whatever reason, the liberal want to demonize him for it.  He is the essence of the American dream and that is what we need in D.C.  not more free-market hating, capitalism-destroying, Congressional elitists.

If I was in N.Y. he’d have my vote.. by the way Newt.. you won’t.

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