Conservatives Losing Heart? New Poll Shows Increasing Support for ObamaCare

By | October 5, 2009

In a Rasmussen opinion poll released today, the latest figures show that support for the big-government style of health care is on the rise.  Last week, the opinion poll found that while 41% supported the plan, 56% opposed it.  In today’s release, 46% support the liberal tax-and-spend approaches that the President and the Congressional majority prefer while only 50% oppose.  What is even more striking, is that this “bounce” came without appearances on late-night T.V. or a public address from the seat of government.  It came seemingly, on it’s own.

What caused the bounce?  The only real coverage today that might have affected the poll was the appearance of 150 white-coated doctors on the White House Lawn.  The appearance of so many doctors supporting health care reform may have influenced the votes in the opinion poll, but did they realize that the entire thing was a charade.

The invitation-only list was populated by only supporters of health care reform and drawn heavily from the Doctors for America – a shadow group from Doctors for Obama.  No one from the Mad as Hell Doctors association was permitted an invitation, but then again, they don’t want the public option.

The President is meeting with folks and interviewing with T.V. programs that agree with him.  A true leader meets with everyone and seeks the best solution.  This kind of behavior is what one expects from elitists.  Unfortunately, the public may be getting more used to it.

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