Can America Elect a True Conservative?

By | October 17, 2009

I do not associate myself with a political party, because none of them represent my views. The Republicans are just as corrupt, mindless and manipulative as the Democrats. But what about you… the readers? Could America ever elect a true conservative.

A true conservative would look to eliminate Social Security (over time of course), eliminate Medicare (again, with thought), focus on strengthening our trade infrastructure and agreements, and eliminate the complicated tax code.

Entitlement programs would have to end. We would get nothing from our government other than the right to pursue life, liberty and the happiness. We would be defended from enemies (foreign and domestic), and trade and treaties would be handled by Congress. That’s it.]

Can we all decide that it is our responsibility to save up for medical emergencies just like other emergencies?  Can we decide that our retirement is ours to plan for, not the government?

I am losing confidence in the thought that Americans could ever do more for themselves so that government could do nothing for us.  We seem to love the gifts from father government.  We cherish them and vote for them.  I do not know if we will ever be selfless enough to say “no thank you father, we cannot afford it”.


From downsizing -

According to the Downsizing Big Government project, in 2009 Congress is spending 38% of federal monies on entitlement programs, only 18% is spent on defense, and 5% on just servicing our debt.  We don’t need another Ronald Reagan, we need the people of the United States to decide that the Republicans spent our money almost as poorly as the Democrats.  I hope we can decide that big government is not the answer.  I hope we can realize that we need to be thinking about our children, not ourselves.  Continuing entitlement spending as we have will break the bank and leave our children to clean up our mess.

If a true conservative ever appears, I would vote for him or her, black or white, yellow or brown, small or tall, simple or complex.  Sad as it is, I believe I represent a minority.

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2 thoughts on “Can America Elect a True Conservative?

  1. Kevin Rice

    @ Roger Lollar
    Definitely wouldn’t say Palin and Bachmann are “true conservatives.” That’s a perfect example of what this article is saying, American “conservatives” don’t even know what a true conservative is.

  2. Roger Lollar

    Yes, I think it is possible. Firstly, you must “have” a true conservative candidate! Only two come to mind: Palin and Bachmann. Ironic that the two most conservative candidates with the biggest cajones are women!
    The socialists have had decades to indoctrinate our kids and the MSM is still too powerful with their agenda therfore it will take decades to reverse this trend. I don’t think anyone has a real clue as to how to methodically accomplish this.
    So secondly, it would take a long term, multifaceted plan. I would be willing to be part of a think tank to search for the steps necessary for the revival of true conservatism. I want to believe that it can be done.
    I do not have much hope knowing what I know about human nature.

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