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The Economy Stinks and the GDP Doesn’t Have a Clue

We all gain an understanding of gross income vs. net income when it comes to tax time and many of us forget the relationship shortly after.  What do these two terms have to do with our economy?

The U.S. G.D.P. (Gross Domestic Product) is an indicator of the total of goods produced with no regard to the cost of producing those goods.  Gross simply indicates the positives with total disregard of the negatives.  Your gross income simply states what you brought in without taking into account any costs against that income (deductions).  The resultant is net income.

This becomes important in looking at how our Gross Domestic Product rose.  It did not do so on the basis of productivity or demand alone.  GDP rose because the government gave it no other choice.  Even the White House has not argued against the fact that cash-for-clunkers and the stimulus package are totally responsible for the current positive GDP.

That means that 100% of the GDP increase came by taking money away from the economy (the private sector).  We also have a measure called Net Domestic Product which would more accurately measure the strength of the true economy, but no one is talking about that number.  In fact, I can’t seem to find it on the Bureau of Economic Analysis website or much of anywhere else.

Imagine that you brought in $60,000 gross income in 2009, but you spent $60,000 to get it.  Obviously, you wouldn’t have gotten to keep anything and your net income would show that.  You would have had a net income of $0.  That’s where we really are in Q3.  A GDP that was totally brought about by spending our own money.  That’s a net of zero, zilch, nada, nothing.

The concern isn’t just the absolutely misleading indicator that GDP can be when the costs of that product are not quantified.  It’s what happens when the input to that product are removed.  For our economy, that’s the already over cash-for-clunkers, the recently-ended first-time home buyers tax credit and the White House admitting that the stimulus probably won’t provide much more than it already has.  When all of that taxpayer funded productivity is gone… we have a mess in the form of a double-dip recession or W-shaped recovery.  These are typically slaughters for all those that believed that the economy was improving instead of understanding that the government was just making it appear as though it was improving.  Many people leverage themselves (new car loans, credit card debt, etc) or invest a large portion of their nest egg thinking that things can only get better.. only they don’t.

The government tells us that GDP made its largest gains in a long time, but then we look at the fact that consumer spending took the largest drop in more than 9 months and that real incomes (our paychecks) haven’t gone up at all during the Obama reign).  70% of our economy is directly tied to consumer spending and our money.  It’s obvious where the increase in productivity came from and it had nothing to do with a basic improvement in the American economy.

Business understands this and is continuing to lay-off or hold-steady on employment and investment.  Professional investors understand this and are trying to get out while maintaining some profit (lately it just looks like they’re getting out).  Some Americans understand what’s going on and are deleveraging (paying off credit cards, loans, and real-estate) at an historic pace.  When we look at the fact that 9 banks failed this past Friday, it would be hard to see a picture as-rosey as Obama would have us believe.

Health Care Reform Will Lead to Poverty for All

I am linking a New York Times article and not doing much to comment..  the author is spot-on and saying everything I have said in other posts.  It’s a great read, should be linked to anyone and everyone that thinks that somehow health care reform will save our country’s economy.

The points to understand are how the lower middle class will be squeezed into the lower class, the middle-class will be forced into the lower-middle, and the rich will simply go elsewhere.  This is the formula for destroying an economy.  Then again, we were fairly certain that was the goal in the first place.

Conservatives Prevail in NY District 23 Race

dougHoffmanIn a last-minute move, two key actions have taken place in the NY 23 special election that show that Conservatism is on the rise.

First, Dede Scozzafava, a liberal Republican has dropped out of the race leaving only Bill Owens, a liberal Democrat, and Doug Hoffman, a Conservative independent.  Hoffman has been even with Owens in recent polls even without the substantial resources of the GOP behind him.  With Scozzafava out of the way, it is assured that the GOP will assist the Hoffman campaign.

Secondly, Newt Gingrich, who had previously supported Scozzafava, now backs Hoffman.  Gingrich joins a long list of Conservative leaders in backing the true Conservative candidate in this race.  This could serve as an indicator that the GOP has received the message: if you want to win, get more Conservative and by the way.. stuff your big tent garbage elsewhere.

The Economy is Not Getting Better.. Yet

Much of the media has been declaring an end to the recession.  I have been on the sidelines for months now and a few talking heads were not going to get me to throw my assets at a loser market.

I have done my best not to sound like Chicken Little, but there was absolutely no way I could in good conscience influence my readers into putting their assets into this bubble after the bubble.  The government needs you leveraged, consuming and cash-strapped.  This is not the time to be any of those.  Despite the GDP rise, which is quickly-becoming a false indicator, we are not recovering.  The government can’t even figure out why the GDP rose, but both of their explanations point to government liquidity in the market, not economic recovery.  My recommendations?  Put away some cash, get out of debt, invest, by cool stuff.  In that order.

I am not hedged against gold, a short on the market or in any other way trying to influence you so that I can make a buck.  I am conveying my current position.  My positions in the market during this whole fiasco have allowed me to increase my retirement account by11%, make money on a few equities, and overall protect my family’s assets.  Why?  Because I did not believe the Bush crew, I do not believe the Obama team, and I never believe the media.  I do my own research, look for true indicators, not just the cool meter that CNBC flashes or that Bernanke points at.

If I am wrong, I’ll admit it (my promise is that if Q4’09 and Q1’10 show growth over last year… I’ll write an article entitled, “I was wrong”), but so far… hasn’t happened.  I am struggling to figure out if we will go inflationary or deflationary because our government can’t make a decision and is making some of the most dramatic and ill-advised moves in history.  That is the same reason that business will cease to spend money.  A wise investor will not put money into a market if they cannot understand the principles upon which the market it based.  Our leadership wants to disassemble capitalism “brick-by-brick”, redistribute wealth, control the media, etc.  These uncertainties prevent me from doing any real investing.

In September we see that consumer spending dropped off dramatically.  Why?   Because the government wasn’t buying cars and houses for people anymore.  It proves that the economy isn’t recovering, only that the government was propping it up.  Even the administration admits that the growth in GDP was due to cash-for-clunkers and the stimulus bill.  That means that the American economy didn’t do anything.  It also means that the government’s artificial propping-up of the auto and housing industries will just cause a secondary crash in both.

I do not intend to cry, “the sky is falling”, but if that’s what it takes to prevent you from losing your nest egg, house, or livelihood, then so-be-it.  Call me Mr. Little if you must, but save, de-leverage, invest… then buy cool stuff.

NRCC Deciding Scozzafava a Lost Cause?

While the NRCC is not endorsing Hoffman or dropping its support of Scozzafava, it is becoming evident that they are no longer putting any real effort into getting Dede elected.

Hot Air reports that the RNCC will be continuing to run anti-Democrat (Owens) adds, but not spending any money on pro-Scozzafava media.  Red State is claiming that they have inside information on an RNCC pullout of the race.

All-in-all, it appears that the RNCC is hoping the two wrongs will make the election a right.. win.  It would have been better for the RNCC to fully back Hoffman, but it’s too much to ask.  The two parties in-power are not about compromising across ideological disparities as the founding fathers had hoped.  They are about winning, competing, bloodletting.

Moderates complicate the two-party system.  It’s supposed to be about two groups with differing ideals coming to the table and working out compromise.  Lately, all we’ve heard is one group or another figuring out how to ignore the other.  Both of them are wrong.  GOP, DNC.. wrong.  A Hoffman win might be a start of a turnover in Congress.  After all, which two parties did we actually start with?  That’s right, Whigs and Republican-Democrats… not here anymore.  And if that’s not enough, our first President, did not belong to  a political party and had hoped they would not form over fear of  divisiveness .

H.R. 3962: Health Care Reform the Pelosi Way – Highlights

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi revealed the almost 2,000 page monstrosity of a health care bill from the House of Representatives.  I am not sure if our Congressmen will read it, but I knew I had to.

I spent nearly 8 hours speed-reading and trying to notate the critical sections of this incredibly-liberal health care reform bill.  I know it’s not final, but I felt that my readers needed to know what this thing was.  The high-points are  that there are:

  • 5 new taxes that total up to a %18.4 reduction of income for Americans.  I can’t even calculate the annual fee on insurance in Section 4375 because they didn’t define it
  • 31 new Federal programs and bureaucracies each with incomprehensible allocations from public funds
  • Specifically prohibits states from enacting tort reform by holding back Federal dollars if they enact medical liability limits
  • Serious increase in the amount of people covered by Medicaid without any new funding to cover (hello state and sales tax increases)
  • the bill will pay for abortions
  • Regulates the spending of private insurers but allows the government to spend whatever it wants
  • Has a government-run public option paid for by the multitude of taxes listed above
  • Only limits yearly out-of-pocket maximums to $10,000 for families.   This is higher than most average private insurance plans
  • Creates a $5 Billion pool to pay government option claims from your taxes…
  • Gives Power to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to enact waiting lists when government expenses get too high
  • Eliminates new enrollment in current private insurance options after the bill is enacted into law
  • Takes away the right of citizens to spend their own money on non-prescription drugs tax-free
  • Prevents Americans from saving for their own health care emergencies by capping FSAs at $2500/yr
  • Cuts Medicare by ~$500 Billion ($150 Billion+ of Medicare advantage cuts)
  • Prevents expansion of medicare advantage programs
  • Makes it easier to defraud Medicare
  • Forces more people onto State Medicare programs while reducing funding under the Medicare DSH program

The core issue with this bill is that it claims to be budget-neutral.  While I cannot prove that it is or is not, what I will do is explain why that’s not that great.  While the bill may be deficit neutral, the 31 new bureaucratic agencies and program that it creates are not cost-neutral.  This financial side of this plan is based on a principle equal to if you or I said, sure, we can buy that new house on the beach, we just need to bring in more money to pay for it.  We would have to get another job, get a raise, or forget the house.  The government is simply adding 5+ new taxes on us to pay for it.  Deficit neutral is not the same thing as cost-neutral.

I could tack on the fact that it gives the White House the power to create “waiting lists” if when costs go higher than they expect.  If Medicare were on the path that the original budget estimates set, it would be costing 1/35th of what it costs today.  The government can’t and hasn’t ever estimated anything even remotely close to its actual costs and it always misses on the low-side.  Why would this be different?

There are serious individual-liberty issues here.  HSAs (health savings accounts) will no-longer be allowed to be used for medicine unless a Doctor writes a prescription.  Owner’s of FSAs (Flexible Savings Accounts) will now be capped at a $2500/yr contribution.  Why?  These tools keep premiums down because FSA/HSA users are responsible citizens saving for their own health care needs.  So again why?  Because the government needs us to rely on them for more-and-more.

The grandfather clause will phase-out most existing health care plans as it does not allow insurers to enroll any new members into existing plans once the bill is enacted.  This will kill every-single existing private insurance product over time.  Insurers rely on a constantly-refreshing pool of insured persons to replenish those that leave.  If people are allowed to leave (and they should be), but no one is allowed to join those plans, they will starve and die.  You will not be allowed to keep your plan if you like it.  Or rather, you can keep it, but your insurer won’t be servicing it once this fiasco goes live.

Abortions are covered, Medicare will get cut (Medicare Advantage will probably cease to exist), and Medicare fraud will be easier to perpetrate due to relaxed asset/income proof requirements.

The few positive benefits to the plan are the closing of the Medicare “doughnut hole” and the push to train more physicians and nurses.   The rest of this thing is a disaster of epic proportions.  “Fire and brimstone, cats and dogs living together…”, but I digress.

This will not lower costs for health care.  When it doesn’t, they will continue to blame doctors, nurses, radiology technicians or perhaps hospital security guards.  They will find anyone but themselves to blame… and they caused this mess in the first place.

note: side-by-side comparison of health bills at:  health care reform bill comparison

Democrats Merge 3 House Bills: Pelosi-care On the March

Fox news reported that the new House Bill will be formally announced tomorrow morning.  The bill does contain many of Obama’s wishes and the resultant costs:

“..includes new requirements for employers to offer insurance to their workers or face penalties, fines on Americans who don’t purchase coverage and subsidies to help lower-income people do so. Insurance companies would face new prohibitions against charging much more to older people or denying coverage to people with health conditions.

The price tag, topping $1 trillion over 10 years, would be paid for by taxing high-income people and cutting some $500 billion in payments to Medicare providers. The legislation would extend health coverage to around 95 percent of Americans.”

A floor vote on the combined bill is expected as early as next week.  Then only the merging of the House and Senate bills remain before final votes in both houses and a signature by the President.

Pelosi didn’t get everything she wanted:

“In the end, Pelosi, D-Calif., and other House leaders were unable to round up the necessary votes for their preferred version of the government insurance plan — one that would base payment rates to providers on rates paid by Medicare. Instead, the Health and Human Services secretary would negotiate rates with providers, the approach preferred by moderates and the one that will be featured in the Senate’s version.”

The original liberal House bill, H.R.3200 used the Medicare fee schedules to pay doctors.  As it stands many physicians won’t accept Medicare due to the unfair prices within in the fee schedule.  The only way most providers survive is to pass the costs on to insurance carrying patients.  Basically, medicare’s unfair pricing forces insurance companies to subsidize the government… and it’s still in the red.  Perhaps these subsidies are why insurance companies see some of the most minuscule profits of any industry (less than 5% in most cases and the larger insurers no more than 6%).

As a final blow to state’s rights, the bill forces the states to take on a larger financial burden by increasing the size of Medicaid.  As is the case now, it will most-likely be an underfunded mandate – only bigger.

Hoffman Takes Lead in NY District 23 Race

Today’s Washington Post published an article that sites a new survey showing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman as the leader in the N.Y. House race.

“The poll shows Hoffman taking 31 percent to 27 percent for businessman Bill Owens (D) and just 19 percent for state Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava (R).  Jon Lerner, who conducted the poll for the Club, said that the rise in Hoffman’s numbers is due to the fact that the district, which takes in much of northernmost reaches of New York, ‘want to elect an anti-Washington conservative’.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign committee has taken notice of the lead switch and has decided that Dede Scozzafava (the overtly-liberal GOP candidate) is not even worth bashing anymore.

“..after spending several hundred thousand dollars bashing Scozzafava, switched its ad traffic over the weekend to a new commercial hitting Hoffman.”

The DCCC is now creating ads that bash Hoffman for .. get this.. being successful.  Pointing out his financial assets is a tactic that will backfire.  We currently have a President that shows how inneffective someone can be when they’ve never succesfully run so-much as a lemonade stand.  Hoffman is a successful  businessman and for whatever reason, the liberal want to demonize him for it.  He is the essence of the American dream and that is what we need in D.C.  not more free-market hating, capitalism-destroying, Congressional elitists.

If I was in N.Y. he’d have my vote.. by the way Newt.. you won’t.

Obama Announces Strategy for Everything

The American and international press has been pointing-out Obama’s lack of decision-making and his dearth of accomplishments.  Obama has now made it evident why it has taken almost a year for him to make key decision or get much of anything done.  He sees all the ills that pleague our country as inter-connected.  Due to that insight, the President needed time to formulate a singular “Obama Strategy for Everything”.

President ObamaIs it more than just another speech?  Considering his record, that’s tough to predict, but it is obvious that serious amounts of thought went into a single strategy intended to create jobs, win in Afghanistan, give everyone health care without raising taxes or the deficit, prevent super-inflation, fix medicare, make social security solvent, shut-down Fox news,  and fix education.  There were a few things that didn’t make it into the strategy, but if he does all these things, I’m sure another international award will be his anyway.  Then again, just for saying he’ll do these things another commendation is assured.

When the announcement came many pundits thought he could do almost all of that simply by resigning.  The AP, CNN, MSNBC, and the Huffington Post all immediately called the President’s personal number to ask him to reconsider and Chris Mathews was nearly institutionalized for fear he would take his own life.  Of course, if they had thought about it, resigning wouldn’t accomplish any of that.  We’d get Biden..  and if Biden left, Nancy Pelosi?  The only thing she’s accomplished is proving that a botox overdose is not fatal.

No, he’s not resigning.  Obama’s comprehensive plan brings together national defense, monetary policy, government entitlements, moderation of the media, and the war on terror in an innovative way.

The linchpin in the strategy is the opening of the Talibani embassy in Afghanistan.  By creating an open dialogue with the true outcast in Afghanistan, he will bring this war to an end, divide the country in-half (ala Korea) and leave a small force in-place to keep-the peace.   Small, like the approximately 35,000 in Korea.  By giving the Taliban a state of their own, we no longer need to send additional troops to Afghanistan, we just have to keep a ton of them there… forever.  The troops that were scheduled to head to Afghanistan have been rumored to be on their way to combat the new enemy of America.. Fox news.

While this solves the troop decision dilemma, what about the economy?  Obama’s drug policy is becoming well-known.  The legalization of Marijuana from a federal perspective is well underway.  The Taliban are likely to sign the President’s new Mid-east free ‘opium’ trade agreement.  The Taliban and Al-Queda have long used opium to supplant their incomes.  Why not America?  To enhance the impact to the U.S. economy, Obama is pushing for all opium trades to be conducted in the U.S. currency to hopefully strengthen the dollar.

This move is expected to create thousands of new small businesses that will need to immediately hire employees.  Shipping, warehousing, marketing, sales, accounting, distribution… you name it.  ACORN is expected to act as a shepherd for those economically-challenged folks that want to start their own opium distribution center.  Joblessness is expected to drop-off drastically.

Obama Reid and Pelosi
The real stroke of (evil) genius was the tying together of social security, health care and education.  Anyone that decides to take social security before the age of 75 must earn it by working in government… oops… public schools.  As the President put it, “I want to give all Americans the opporunity to work for yourselves, an entrepreneurial opportunity in the golden years of life”.  Heck, you paid into social security all those years, now the money is coming back to you… as long as you put in 40 hours a week at Barack H. Obama elementary school.  Schools need janitors, cafeteria workers, teacher’s assistants, perhaps even door-greeters like at wal-mart.  The good news is that schools also already have free health care.  The school nurse.  Pure genius.

So out of his campaign-trail list of to-do’s, he only has global warming and finding Bin Ladin left to handle.  I am optimistic that he will be able to bring those together with the trade deficit, immigration reform and over-pricing at Disney in his next comprehensive government reform – “Obama’s Strategy for Everything.. else”.

Daily Presidential Approval Rating

Daily Presidential Approval Rating

This article is based on speculation and author creativity, but has some basis in actions taken by the Obama administration (i.e. looking the other way on marijuana, befriending the Taliban, indecisiveness, lack of accomplishments).  The President may or may not be considering a singular strategy to improve life in the United States.  In fact, I would bet the only strategy he is working on is the re-elect Barack in 2012 campaign strategy.

GAO:TARP Has Done Two Things, “Jack and Squat”

In the GoverGAO Logonment Accounting Office’s October “Report to Congressional Committees” on TARP, it is apparent that TARP’s success.. isn’t that apparent.

The report recommends filling important positions with permanent staff instead of the consultants currently manning them, but what really stands out is when the GAO attempts to quantify the success of the program.  The report states that, “isolating and estimating the effect of TARP programs remains a challenging endeavor… and that a number of anticipated effects of TARP have not materialized”. Billions of dollars of taxpayer money and not only can’t we estimate any effects, the GAO flat out says that the positive effects we expected.. never happened.
The report goes on to show that TARP is seemingly operating with little oversight, no transparency, and next-to-zero measurements of it’s success or failures.  This sounds eerily like cash-for-clunkers where dealers were unable to get rebate money due to an understaffed and disorganized government program.

Almost $364 Billion has been disbursed to financial agencies and those agencies aren’t using the money to make more loans, their shoring up their financials and buy their warrants back from the government.  Surprise, I know.  From that money, the government has receives a little over $9.2 Billion in dividend and other securities payments.  Unfortunately, since the Treasury had to borrow the money (deficit spending) to give it to the financial institutions and that borrowed money is funded by Treasury instruments that the government pays interest on, no one can figure out if any of that $9 Billion was a profit, a loss or a wash.

Just wait until health care is funded, implemented and measured this way.  We’ll hate it, not know how much it costs, and have no clue how to fix it..  just like TARP.

Leading Republicans Back 3rd Party Conservative Candidate in NY Race

On Friday, Rick Santorum threw his support behind Doug Hoffman in the controversial N.Y. District 23 House race.  In a recent Conservative Daily News article, it was noted that the GOP is backing a very liberal candidate in this race.  As of Friday, many top republicans have parted ways with GOP leadership and supported Hoffman instead.  Politico reported that:

“..Santorum joined former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes, all of whom announced their backing for the conservative third-party candidate [Doug Hoffman] this week.”

This could finally be the turning-point for the GOP.  The real question is whether the current GOP leadership (ahem, Mr. Steele, are you listening?) will see that true Conservative candidates can and will win against Democrats and Republicans that do not support Conservative values.  In the same article, Politico notes that Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is hinting at supporting Hoffman as well:

“When asked about the race Friday during an interview with ABC, he [Pawlenty] expressed frustration with GOP nominee Dede Scozzafava and said he will “probably” endorse [Hoffman] in the race.”

Boehner, Gingrich and Steele need to wake-up and smell the roses, before they find themselves facing third-party Conservative candidates for their positions.  But as the article points out, they don’t get it.

“In defending his endorsement of Scozzafava to the National Review, Gingrich warned conservatives that “if you seek to be a perfect minority, you’ll remain a minority.”

What Newt doesn’t get is that the only minority is the current, corrupt, and valueless Republican leadership.  We may have fewer Republicans in power in 2010, but we can work to put a Conservative majority in its place.

Is the Opt-Out Really an Option?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has realized that a robust public option isn’t going to pass, mainly because he can’t even get liberals to agree that it’s a good thing.  So now he’s working to find out if a public plan that allows States to opt-out is passable.  The answer – no!

Moderate Democrats feel that it is not up to the federal government to sell health care insurance.  It may actually be a conflict of interest… but why would that stop a politician?

Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) said that he would like to see plans that allow the states to determine their make-up, “not the federal government.”  This new opt-out option actually contains blackmail.  States that choose to opt-out will get lower Medicaid reimbursement from the government.  During tough economic times, state Congresses may actually be swayed by this maneuver.

Even the heavily-liberal Senate could not pass a plan through its finance committee that had a public option.  The only reason that liberals are figuring that they have a chance is that they see the weakness in the middle-seeking G.O.P.  More tugging from the majority rights is necessary.  More pulling from Conservatives.  More influence from us.

The only Constitutional health care reform must come from the states.  Health care is not an enumerated power of Congress.  They cannot enact anything that won’t get turned over by the Supreme court which is at least barely Conservative at this point.

Frustrated With the G.O.P.? Change It!

Many CoU.S. Flag - a conservative symbolnservatives (yes, I always capitalize it – correctness not my forte) , feel that the Republican party has been slipping into irrelevance.  In-fact 73% of us are screaming at the top of our longs (that being equal to the most-recent Rasmussen opinion poll), that we are not happy with the G.O.P. leadership – at all.  Now the question is how we show it.

We may not be able to affect the global climate, fix unemployment, create regime change, fix the economy or infect the world with global peace simply with a speech and 12 days in office, but we can change the politics in Washington with our voices.

The Republican party leaders actually point at the 9/12 rally in D.C. as a victory for them *sigh*.  It was a victory for Conservatives, not Republicans.  It could have been had the grand ole party jumped into the crowd, taken on the message and run with it, but instead they have wandered off into oblivion, pointing at posters of Reagan while following the defending the policies of Clinton – including extra-marital behaviors.  I am going a different route – which I am sure my wife will appreciate.  I will be gathering the email, phone, online, and on-the-ground protest information I run-across or that you great Conservatives send to me.  I’ll start by updating this post and if I can collect information, I’ll transform it into its own page similar to my economy update and health care update if it garners as much interest as those posts did.

  • Melt Their Phones: identified eight swing-vote Democrats in the Senate who need to be pressured to vote against ObamaCare. Many of you made phone calls to their offices urging them to vote against “cloture” on the heath care bill. Now we need to turn up the heat and melt their phones.
  • Elect Mark Hoffman: Conservative Congressioanal candidate running against very liberal republican.  The GOP chose the liberal, we have to support the real conservative.
  • November 5th, Remember Us Campaign: AFPs march on each district Representative’s office or State Senator’s office

Mr. Steele, We Are Conservatives, Not Republicans

In a recent Rasmussen opinion poll, Conservatives have sent a strong message to the failing leadership of the Republican party.  The results of the poll indicate that, “73% think Republicans in Congress have lost touch with GOP voters”.  Consider me in that group.  I have become increasingly disappointed by the members of the political party that is supposed to be standing up for Conservative principles.  We have much to be concerned about such as the reckless spending in the Bush years, support for pork on enormous levels, backing liberal candidates, and finally … actually splitting the Conservative vote in N.Y. and allowing a Democrat to win.

From: Bill Owens for Congress

From: Bill Owens for Congress

Even former leaders of the G.O.P. are proving their worthlessness.  Newt Gingrich put his clout behind a liberal leaning candidate in the New York district 23 Congressional race.  He isn’t supporting Dede  Scozzafava because she was the most Conservative candidate, not by far.  She supports abortion rights and card-check (union bullying made legal), and she won’t commit to voting against any tax increases.  I am fairly certain that three major Conservative tenets are being directly broken and several others are more-than-likely getting dented.  The truly Conservative candidate, Doug Hoffman has actually climbed within 6 points in the polls without the support of the Republican party. Imagine how sewn-up that Congressional seat would have been if Newt and company had backed the true Conservative.  Instead, the G.O.P.’s support of Scozzafava will put a Congressional seat either in the hands of the Democrat candidate (who now leads by 4 points as Scozzafava splits the vote that should go to Hoffman), or be given to a liberal in Conservative’s clothing.

I, for one, quite some time ago stopped all financial support of the Republican party.  It no longer represents my point-of-view and is not protecting the values I hold dear.  I will be looking for individual candidates to put my support behind.  Some might happen to be Republicans, or American Conservative Party, or Independents.  I’ll support the candidates that will go to Washington to represent me, not some bloated set of self-worshipers.

Michael Steele, are you listening?  At all?  Conservatives have an opportunity to take back Congress, but not with boneheaded moves like this.  Even if they take it back, morons like Scozzafava will just vote with the ultra-left like Olympia Snowe (R-ME) did on something as important as health care reform.  We don’t need anymore RINOs, we don’t need anymore “centrists”.   Mr. Steele, stop splitting the Conservative vote in New York – force Scozzafava to drop-out.  On second thought, maybe the first true leadership decision you could make, is to step down.

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