What is Racist?

By | September 16, 2009

September 2009 has pushed the definitions of racist to beyond the realm of logical.  Joe Wilson disagreed with the President and is labelled as impolite and RACIST.

I have called out friends, girlfriends, associates and others for spewing mis-truths and have been corrected by the same.  Some were women, others were Mexican-American, Vietnamese-American, African-American and several other international-Americans (by the way – I’d be Scots-Irish-American if I believed in anything other than being American).  None of them accused me of being racist, sexist, or any other -ist and I never considered that anyone correcting me was doing it for any other reason than pointing out my error.

Are the PC police in full-effect?  Are the union-controlled liberal politicians the nightmare that Orwell prophesied in 1984?  Who is that majority/minority actually?  Orwell was close, but it’s not corporate giants that are pushing PC’ishness, the death to religion, and the loss of individual freedoms… it’s unions and their liberal puppets.  Is this really about race, or just a way to end an arguments that liberals cannot win.  After-all, once someone throws out the “R” word, the conversation is over, it is impossible to defend against.

I’m not willing to jump off the PC cliff just yet, but this is getting ridiculous.  A white congressman is the first in history to be dealt this punishment for this kind of action, but not the first to do the crime.  Would there have been the same punishment had he been black?

Several African-Americans beat up a white child on a bus and it’s not racial hate, racism, or a hate-crime… it’s bullying (just imagine the opposite – 3 white kids repeatedly beat up a black kid for a bus seat).

We have forgotten what MLK said in his enlightening speech.  Color-BLIND.  Not only does it mean that white should treat black, yellow and brown the same, but that brown, yellow and black should treat white as equal.  King wanted us all to view each other as people, not races.  He did not intend to simply exchange racism, for reverse-racism.

The hate-speech coming from government leaders is dividing us.  Obama promised to bring us together.  By not strongly speaking out against those who would turn simple disagreement into racism, he has condoned it.

Our new President of unity, is undoing decades of unification by allowing us to regress to an earlier age.  We cannot allow our own government to turn us, any of us, into the hateful mobs of times gone-by.   We must realize them as the divisive politicians they are and relegate them to history as a failure to America.

I do not want another white vs. black era.  It was wrong, extremely wrong.  This is not the way to move forward from such terrible times.   Barack, this is not the way forward… at all.  This is not change, it’s more of 50 years ago.

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