The Enemies Within

By | September 16, 2009

Just because someone is a Republican, does not make them conservative. It only makes them a politician. A few from New Jersey, and one from Maine are figuring that out.Cap and Trade

Senator Snowe from Maine, Representatives Lance (NJ), Smith and LoBiondo all resemble Rhinos (RINO) more than elephants. Political pets aside, all are voting in a non-conservative manner. They are all taking an anti-trade, anti-economy,anti-energy policy stance that will make it impossible for America to evolve its economy for the next century. They are helping the left Europize us by voting for a government-run carbon trade exchange. In another CDN post, we discuss the challenges that cap and trade presents to the American economy.

Some supporters of cap and trade would argue that someone has to lead the way, but China, India, and other Asian nations have no interest in controlling emissions.  By going first, we are going alone and following Europe into a money pit and fundamental power-shift.

A leader, running into opposition, with no one behind him, is not a leader – he is a victim.

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