Fish 1: Farmers 0

By | September 24, 2009

The delta smelt has taken on a vicious campaign against California food growers.  The smelt have collectively contacted their representatives and senators to let them know that if more water is not diverted into their rivers, the congresspeople will be voted out. The “Smelts for Obama” Political Action Committee has promised all of its resources to the wishes of the new President in return for more water.  Not just more, but all of it.

There was some concern that congress would not listen to fish, even with the threat of a loss of voter support, but that has proven untrue.  California congress members have acted and the fish are encouraged by the truly representative democracy they swim within.  There is no doubt that farmers have been out-maneuvered by the smelt PAC.  In a democracy, that’s what happens – those with the majority (fish) have power over those that do not (the people).  It is possible that we must get used to this as Cass Sunstein (an Obama administration official) may make it possible for animals to sue us.  A position I support, as long as it becomes legal to hunt lawyers.

Farmers have had to live with infertile lands, dying orchards and farmland, and impossible growing conditions.  The 40% unemployment conditions are just a cost of making sure the aquatic segment of the populace are taken care of.

Some are crying that an ineffective census has left farmers with even more rights than they should have had.  Clearly, there are more fish than farmers and in a representative government… the fish win.

The lessen to farmers… spawn or get out-voted by an animal that lives about a year and has no value to the economy whatsoever.

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