Breitbart Signals Blockbuster News This Week

By | September 20, 2009

Conservative commentator and author Andrew Breitbart hinted that a blockbuster news story would be coming this week.  Blogs are alive with speculation as to what Andrew has up his sleeve considering his early digging into the problems at ACORN that finally resulted in the current investigations.

Blogs posts and forums are filled with guesses from the masses and sparse hints from some in-the-know.  The possible topics seem to all surround the current administration are primarily around four topics.

The easiest to dismiss is the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) scandal where it was reported that the group was using it’s resources to promote the administration’s agenda.  While a noteworthy story, it’s no blockbuster and Andrew would not be hyping-up such a dead story.

Second is the thought that perhaps the ACORN pimp-hooker films were fished around to the major television networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) and were told that they would run the story, but didn’t.  The scandal not just being that the networks said they would run it and then buried it, but perhaps they had hidden camera going during these conversations.  This is plausible, but unless there were some obviously nefarious comments or actions in the video, again… not a blockbuster.

Third is actually a story about a story – a story that didn’t happen.  Stephanie Strom had been working on an article about the links between ACORN and the Obama campaign.  Once a damning piece of evidence was found, the executives at the NYT shut her story down saying that it was a “game-changer”.  If the evidence was so good, then it’s possible that federal campaign laws had been violated.  The real question might be how much he knew?  This has the smell of the huge story that Breitbart might be pushing.

The last is still swirling and seems to have the most credibility.   The central figure in this final possibility is Buffy Wicks.  Most do not believe it is simply a tie-in to the NEA scandal although Buffy was one of the seven officials present at the white house meeting between administration representatives and NEA leadership.  Buffy had served multiple roles during the Obama campaign -western regional Field Director, Missouri state director and Texas state deputy director.  She had also previously functioned as the “Wake-up Wal-Mart” political director.  Buffy had spent considerable portions of her early career working to get higher pay and bigger benefit packages for union employees.

So how does this all roll into a blow-out news story?  So Buffy is involved, but not necessarily the center of the story.  Is it Unions (SEIU? AFL-CIO?), illegal donations during the campaign?  Could it be the NEA thing or perhaps some other malfeasance during his run for president?  The Wal-Mart thing?  It’s anyone’s guess, but we will be paying very close attention to this week’s news.

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One thought on “Breitbart Signals Blockbuster News This Week

  1. ranger

    Man, a couple of nothing posts today.. saw some silly ideas that it might be NEA, I hope not, that story is over.

    Beck had good stuff on the SEIU, ACORN, Soros relationships and the sad attempt Lewis is making at an “independent” panel. All libo lifers.

    Ah well, dying to see this come out.

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