Anti G-20 Mobs Set Sights on Pittsburgh

By | September 26, 2009

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One thought on “Anti G-20 Mobs Set Sights on Pittsburgh

  1. mary Howland

    why I answer these e-mails I don:t know. They never seem to mean much as the American people’s letters to their senators doesn:t mean much either. I send e_mails to my senator and all I get is thanks for your e_mail. that:s it.
    The whole truth is these senators are afraid of barry. They all know who he is and what he is capable of.
    The letters barry gets if negative is just tossed.
    We all know what barry is doing. He is deliberetly opening holes for the terriost to take over and no one has the nerve to call him on it.
    They are coming right over the border and who is watching? NOONE.
    People are accusing rev, manning as being nuts. He may be crass sometimes in his wording but he is right on everything he says.
    It is not easy for the regular american citizen to get to the judges that are stopping us from getting to the truth but these senators can. These are the people we need to be working on.
    If this man stays in power another six months you can kiss our way of living in american goodbye.

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