What Does It Mean to Be Conservative?

By | August 15, 2009

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4 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to Be Conservative?

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  2. Tim

    I’m not a fan of using labels to describe myself. There are times when I lean conservative, and there are times when I lean liberal–it just depends on the issue or topic of discussion. My guess is that most Americans follow a similar pattern–with the exception, of course, of the most radical elements in society.

    Having studied public policy, I’ve learned that both sides have valid points. Neither owns the copyrights on a particular political ideology. Yet, I oftentimes find that both sides are ignorant of the other and spout off whatever nonsense they can to upset the other–oftentimes using slanderous comments. Such mentalities only serve as a means to further divide our society. And people wonder why there is so little dialogue in this country! The constant bickering coming from both far left and far right idealogues drowns out the discussions happening down the middle of the aisle in which cooperation is key.

    It’s time Americans ignore these restrictive labels and ideologies being promoted by both far left and far right extremists, and work together as a society to reach a consensus on the most pressing issues affecting this great country. This isn’t being conservative or liberal; this is just common sense.

  3. Nona Haverly

    I dunno, it seems to be simple calculus to me. Democrats were always in favor of middle class tax cuts, so that aside what is the extra cost in a two year extension of millionaire tax cuts? 140 billion. For that they got 56 billion of unemployment extensions and reduction of payroll tax. All in all not a bad deal considering the alternative of doing nothing at all. Politically, the Republicans have a problem in forcing this issue.

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