Health Care Reform Analyzed: A Critical View of H.R.3200

By | August 30, 2009

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2 thoughts on “Health Care Reform Analyzed: A Critical View of H.R.3200

    1. Rich Mitchell

      That was written in the heat of the fight. I don’t know how many calls I placed, letters I wrote, or emails I sent. It was certainly disheartening to have it pass.

      Repeal may not be our only weapon. I am doing some research on a bit of information I just came across on something called seperability. There is no severability clause written into the health care reform law (bills usually contain this). If any constitutional challenge succeeds against any part of the law, the whole things must be ruled unconstitutional and thrown out.

      So far, my research is finding this to be true, need one more source for confirmation and a story it will be. Then, letters, emails and phone calls to every state AG, constitutional attorney and Congressional conservative I can muster telling them to challenge anything and everything in that bill. Any small victory is a complete one.

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